World Expo 2010 Shanghai China

The theme of 2010 Shanghai World Expo is "Better City, Better Life." The source of this theme is from thousands of years human civilization, and the theme will also be the inheritance and development of 150 years World Expo experience. The reason we chose this theme is that with urbanization of human society, how to improve the city itself as the carrier of human life and the mechanism of function, the creation of a city and its villages, the natural environment healthy and harmonious relationship between being increasingly, become the topic of what the global concern. Shanghai, China, the rapid developing super-metropolis in Asia-Pacific region, is very lucky to acquire the opportunities at the first taking "city" as the theme in the Expo history at turn of the century.

Shanghai World Expo will meet a grand opening. "Better City, Better Life", theme of the Expo, will be presented by a dazzling display from around the world, throughout the 184 days and nights. World Expo, the event of human civilization, having been distant from China, will be grand to be written in Chinese history, perform a legend of a host from developing countries.

The Expo focuses on the environment and technology. Shanghai and other Chinese cities are facing very severe environmental challenges. Having devoted great efforts, the environmental awareness of Chinese society and the government has been growing more and more intensive. Chinese companies shoulder the important tasks of accelerating the transformation of the economic development mode, improving their capability of independent innovation, and realizing stable and rapid economic development.

Yiyang technology enhances the independent innovation capability. Yiyang Magnetically Levitated Submersible Pump, with independent intellectual property rights, is the world's first patented product. Its unique patented technology changes the traditional manufacturing process of the submersible pumps. Whats more, the conversion efficiency reaches alarming new level, and creates a great energy saving benefits, making a significant contribution to developing low-carbon economy, reflecting the strength of the Chinese creating ability.

The success of Expo is not only about Chinese image, also related to the image of Chinese enterprises. Yiyang Technology wishes the success Shanghai World Expo 2010.